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Sunday, October 07, 2007


I have great news: I just passed my viva and got my PhD!!! So I am finally a Doctor!!!

The viva took place on the 4th of October (2007). The examiners were Jennifer Saul and Manuel GarcĂ­a-Carpintero, both of whom were great examiners. I was recommended to pass the viva with no corrections (although the PhD will not be officially awarded until the Dean duly certifies so).

The viva went very well, and the discussion was terribly interesting. I hope to post on some of the issues raised there soon, once the celebrations are over...

It feels great to finally have finished such a tremendous task! When I started this blog, about a year ago, I still had a long way ahead, and I am glad that everything turned out so well at the end. I learned a lot this year and this blog had a little bit to do with that. I was looking forward to this moment when I can finally say, with respect to finishing my thesis, submitting it and passing the viva: Been There, Done That!!


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Congratulations, Esa!

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