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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Been There? Done That?

Ok, this is it. The Beginning, at least.
So, what's the purpose of this blog?

Well, the main reason is that a have a PhD thesis to finish, in one year. In this academic year. In Philosophy. More preciseley, I have to rewrite the 50,000-words draft that I already have. Anyway, I still have to produce a complete and final version, from the first word to the last. Although I guess I will use a lot of the material I already have. Or maybe not so much... who knows? It's a big journey, a big adventure. And this is supposed to be the journal of that journey. I will write about how it's going, how it is NOT going, about all the things that get me going during this period, about what I will go through...Do you want to know more? Then drop by, sometimes, if you fancy... Comments, suggestions, tips, advice, criticisms, jokes, etc. are more than welcome.

So, what's with the title of this blog? First, it's bit ironic, since writing a thesis is THE thing I haven't done, THE place I haven't been yet. But hopefully, we will also treat more familiar topics and domains as we go along. And secondly, this title reflects the fact that I tried to get a blog once before, but it didn't quite work... hopefully this one will live longer!

One last thing that you might be wondering: what is the title of such an opus magnum, e.g., my thesis? The provisional title by now is 'Consciousness, Conceivability and Concepts'. Or Con Con Con. Or C C C, for the super keen.

Maybe tomorrow I'll explain what it is about...


Blogger Dan López de Sa said...

Welcome back! CCC... I really love that title! And look forward to being kept posted here about your dissertative adventures!

7:35 PM  
Blogger Sistemas Complejos said...

voto por CCC también!!!!

5:51 PM  
Blogger Dan López de Sa said...

looks great with separate titles, and everything! Nice background, color...!

6:56 PM  
Blogger Dan López de Sa said...

Some competence ;-):

12:28 AM  
Blogger Esa said...

Hi! Thanks for all the cheers, greetings and enthusiasm, it's very much appreciated!
Dan, thanks for the links, they are cool! I guess Saray (aka Sistemas Complejos) would like the second one. Only the third and fourth of those are called excatly like mine. I guess that idion has several connotations. First, more literally, it can be used to talk about the places I have been to and the things I have done. Secondly, more idiomatic, it is used to imply that someone is very familiar with something; that someone has been in that kind of situation before and is not surprised by anything that might happen... I like this second use ver much. In spanish, it would be something like 'estoy de vuelta'. And thirdly... well, does anyone recognise that expression from somewhere?? I guess this is just for the "connoisseurs"... ;-)

1:38 PM  

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